Wisdom Sword Heart Demon

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The axe and the firewood knife pursued the Huihe army. Although the Huihe army was well-armed, they were killed and fled in confusion.

The axe and the firewood knife pursued the Huihe army. Although the Huihe army was well-armed, they were killed and fled in confusion. Tuo Ba Xiong exulted, "Well, Uncle Wang has come out.". We don't have to look for Badawi. Hurry up and join forces with Uncle Wang. Tuo Ba Chi fought his way out, and soon he could join forces with his nephew. Suddenly, he saw the dust rising in front of him, and there was another army of Shi Tuo. The team went into battle. It turned out that the allied forces of Yuwen Hongxia and Xiahou Ying had also arrived. When the queen appeared, the morale of Shi Tuo's people's army was boosted. Yuwen Hongxia longitudinal horse forward, the imperial guards shouted to Jina: "Jina should be put to death if he collaborates with the enemy and commits treason. All the people of Shituo should join forces to deal with foreign enemies.". The only people you have with Gina If you cut yourself off from your countrymen, you will live in infamy even if you die. Quickly turn around the knife and gun, and there is a chance to atone for your sins! Jina's imperial guards were forced to follow them to escape under the surveillance of Huihe's army. This After listening to the queen's words, they all turned their swords and guns and began to scuffle with the Huihe army. The form on the battlefield is Shi Tuo's. Troops had an overwhelming advantage, and as soon as the imperial guards of the puppet king rebelled, Huihe's morale was even more chaotic. Chu plain led a Biao charger, wedged into Tuo Ba Xiong between the two armies, cut them off. Chu meets Tirol on the plains, He laughed and said, "Sirius Ridge, you run fast, but now you can't escape.". Ok, Chumou wants to avenge you today. "Yes!" Chu Plain challenges Tirol, while Kong Kong'er goes after the Snow Mountain Monster. At this time,12 needle valve, he and Xin Zhigu had already met, and they had no time to make friends. Talk, that is, to find the enemy. But there was no sign of the old snow mountain monster, Sikong Tu and his son. Yuwen Hongxia had received a report from the imperial guards of the puppet king Jina, and knew that Jina and Tuo Ba Chi were in the same car. Empty The couple couldn't find Sikong Tu and guessed that they might be in Tuo Ba Chi's car, so they went after him with Yuwen Hongxia and others. It was a large, specially made carriage,stainless steel tube fitting, drawn by eight fine horses at a gallop. Sha Tieshan and Dou yuan rode on both sides. Protect. Tuo Ba Xiong Qinjun is divided into two parts, one in front of the road, one in the back to resist the pursuers. Tuo Ba Chi and his nephew can't meet. Division, at this time only to run away. Yuwen Hongxia went to kill the army behind Tuoba Red Palace. Kong Kong'er started the top flying skill and quickly chased him. When he got into the carriage, he raised his hand and three daggers flew out, intending to kill the three horses pulling the carriage first. Unexpectedly, as soon as the dagger reached the front of the car, suddenly Fall to the ground together. The carriage was still galloping forward. Kong Konger was stunned for a moment. Then he was suddenly enlightened and shouted, "The Snow Mountain Monster is really in the car!" Ah, except for Sikong. The picture shows that there is no other person in the Huihe army who can knock down his dagger with the power of splitting the air. He galloped empty-handed and caught up with the carriage again. When Dou yuan and Sha Tieshan saw that it was empty, they were scared out of their wits. Without protecting Tuo Ba Chi, he hurriedly fled by flying. Kong Konger said with a smile, "I don't have time to pay attention to you today. I'll talk to you again slowly." You settle accounts. Empty son's target is in Tuo Ba Chi and snow mountain old monster, for Dou yuan and Sha Tieshan two people naturally disdain to pay attention to. But there's something else People refused to let them go. It was Zhan Bocheng, Tie Ning, Liu Mang and Chu Baoling. They went after them together. "Sikong Tu, 38 tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve," he shouted, "come down and let's fight it out." Sikong Tu said in a deep voice, "You are defeated by me." What will be the meeting to decide again? Little monkey, come up if you dare. Kong Konger was furious, and sure enough, he jumped onto the horse. Vehicle. Sikong Tu shouted, "Go down!" A palm swept away the curtain of the car, and the force of the split palm hit the empty body. Exactly: The autumn wind sweeps the leaves and chases the remnant bandits, and the sword and palm are not willing to give up. Want to know what happened? Please listen to the explanation in the next installment. Old Rain Building Scanning, Sky Dance Flying OCR, Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization of Xiaoxiang Academy Liang Yusheng's "Wisdom Sword Heart Demon"-The Fortieth Chapter of Triumphant Song of Joy, Demon Atmosphere Pure, Poor Bandits Abscond, Many Misfortunes Chapter 40 of Liang Yusheng's "Wisdom Sword Heart Demon" is a song of triumph. The demon atmosphere is pure and the poor bandits abscond from the disaster. In the empty air, a "crane son turns over", carries his sword like the wind, and makes a move of "Li Guang shoots a stone", then stabs Sikong Tu. Si Empty map of the wall empty palm force can not turn over empty, immediately a change of tactics, the use of a big capture technique, Yang empty a grasp, that is, a "hand" Waving the lute, swing it out horizontally. Empty tiptoe has not yet stepped on the real thing, it is a loss, if he hit, Sikong map of the power. Above him, even if Kongkonger has the magic skill of protecting his body, it is difficult to withstand. Good empty son, in this crisis in the twinkling of an eye, and showed the extraordinary flying skill, he a sword stab empty, quickly. As soon as the blade of the sword turned, it touched the shaft of the chariot with a "ding" sound, and with this little rebound force, the body did not fall, but fell. Get up and jump on the roof of the car. Sikong Tu was afraid that he would make trouble on the roof of the car or hurt the horse pulling the cart, so he jumped up and joined Kong Kong on the roof of the car. Start a fierce battle. Kong Kong'er's flying skill was so outstanding that he fought with Sikong Tu on the roof of the car. He was as quick as a monkey and took advantage of the geographical position first. But Sikong Tu His skill was so deep that he could not spare his hand to harm the horse pulling the chariot under the shadow of his palm. Two people on the roof of the car. Dou, the carriage seemed to be moving in the wind and waves, undulating and bumpy, and the people sitting in the carriage were shaken up and down. The man clung to the frame. In this way, of course, the speed of the carriage was affected. Xin Zhi Gu followed, her flying skill is not as good as her husband, chasing half a stick of incense moment, still missed more than ten Zhangs of distance to catch up. Carriage. Kong Kong'er suddenly changed his strategy and stood upright on the roof of the car. He only used yuan Gong's stabbing swordsmanship to respond, and temporarily stopped fighting against Si. The attack of the empty map. "What the hell are you doing?" Sikong Tu shouted. Before he had finished speaking, he felt that the carriage was like a boat that had run aground in the sea. It takes a lot of effort to stagger and take a step forward. It turned out that Kong Konger had used the heavy body method of "dropping a thousand catties". It was like putting a huge stone on the roof of the car to stop the carriage from moving. Said late, then fast,hydraulic fitting supplier, the carriage blocked for a moment, Xin Zhi Gu has arrived. Empty son in the roof of the car to fix the figure, only keep not. chinaroke.com