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Massimo smiled indifferently. "He was only sixteen years old at that time. If I can't even convince a sixteen-year-old child, then I have been an emperor for decades in vain.".

Massimo smiled indifferently. "He was only sixteen years old at that time. If I can't even convince a sixteen-year-old child, then I have been an emperor for decades in vain.". According to the information I got, Siqin is an excellent child in all aspects. Among Ye Yinzhu's three children, he is not only the oldest, but also has the style of an elder brother. Although he is less than four years old now, his abilities in all aspects have been unanimously recommended by the Falanta owners. He is not only the son of Ye Yinzhu, but also his godfather, O'Brien, the Lord of the Tower of Light. With these halos on my body, I want to see how the future Milan Empire can compete with me. With the blood relationship, in the case of blood thicker than water, Ye Yinzhu is likely to gradually tilt from Milan to us. If that is true, perhaps, I have not completed the great cause of reunification will be completed in the hands of Siqin. That's what I want to see most. Crespo said with a smile, "I will go immediately to the news that Buyeschin has become the crown prince of the Landias Empire.". When the Milan Empire got the news, I don't know what Silvio would think. If there is a gap between Milan and the city of Qin, that's what we want to see most. But,beam impact tubes, sire, do we really want to give our full support to this holy war? Massimo nodded firmly, "This is what I promised Ye Yinzhu, we should not only give full support, but also support regardless of casualties.". In this holy war, we must win the favor of Qin City, Falan,side impact door beams, and even the orcs. Since my plan will be completed in the next few decades, I will pave the way for Siqin first. Out of the Landias Palace, Sura suddenly stopped, "I'm sorry, Yin Zhu." "Why are you sorry?" Asked Ye Yinzhu with a smile? You didn't do anything wrong! Sura lowered his head. "Looking at his old appearance, I really can't bear to refuse.". Why don't I tell Siqin not to promise to inherit the throne at the age of sixteen when I go back? Ye Yinzhu shook his head with a smile and said, "No, let the child choose his own way.". We shouldn't impose anything on him. If he wants to, what about becoming the monarch of the Landias Empire? "I know all too well what kind of man my father is," said Sura with a wry smile. You just said yes, and I'm afraid the news will spread all over the continent. If he doesn't use this to the benefit of Landias, then he's not Massimo the Great. Episode 1 Qin Magician Chapter 310 Prince Ruiqin (Part 1) "Now that I've promised him, beam impact tubes ,cold drawn tubes," said Yin Zhu, "I'm not afraid of him spreading the news. He kissed me, and I could vaguely guess what he was thinking. By making Siqin the successor of Landias, we can not only win over us and gain the favor of Qin City, but also get the support of Master O'Brien. Llandias will be better able to survive if we provoke a conflict or even a rift between us and the Milan Empire. My father-in-law probably knew that we would guess his purpose, but his cleverest thing was to let us guess clearly, but he had to cooperate with him. After all, jihad is more important than anything else, and I will compromise with him more or less. As for his offer to let you succeed to the throne before, he just asked for a price and paid back the money. Sula gawked at Ye Yinzhu, "since you know everything, why did you promise him?" Ye Yinzhu said, "My father-in-law is thoughtful, but he is not me, and he can't see things from my point of view.". Yes, this time we can be said to have been used by him, but there are two things that are certain. One is that his guilt and affection for you are not false. For you, where can I give in. On the other hand, he not only used Siqin, but also gambled, putting all his bets on Siqin. For our son, he will only take good care of and teach him. This is not a bad thing for Siqin. From my point of view, Siqin inherited the throne of the Landias Empire so that Landias would no longer be threatened by the Milan Empire, but don't forget that Siqin inherited my blood, and my ancestor was the East Dragon. Isn't this a disguised way for our East Dragon Empire to recover and regain power in Longzinus? Uncle Silvio is the son of Grandpa Qin Shang. He also inherits the blood of our East Dragon. The two empires are all in his hands. This is another sense of unification. As for his father-in-law, he wanted to stir up a conflict between the city of Qin and the Milan Empire. I'm afraid he's going to be disappointed. Our next stop is Milan City. Such an agreement was reached. I'll tell Uncle Silvio what I have to say. Sura breathed a sigh of relief. Now that you've thought it through, I'm relieved. He is really old. Yin Xiu. When the holy war is over, will you come back with me and see him again? He also showed him Siqin and Lianqin. What Massimo said today has not yet completely resolved the gap between him and Sulla, but it has also softened Sulla's heart. Now Sura is different from the past. With the love of Yin Xiu, the child brings happiness. She is no longer so autistic. Yes, of course. Sura. You know what. I'm glad to see you like this. Come on, let's go back to the hotel to rest. Go to Milan early tomorrow morning. …… The light of the sun shines on the earth. It brings a faint golden light to the classical and huge city of Milan. Early in the morning, the atmosphere in the Imperial Palace of Milan was somewhat tense. Silvio, the emperor of Milan, found Marshal Seedorf, the returning imperial capital, in his bedroom. Newspaper. Your Majesty. Marshal Seedorf is here. "Please." Sidorfon strode into Silvio's bedroom. Compared with the last time Ye Yinzhu saw him, the spear of Milan had more silver on his head. But the waist is still straight. Be in good spirits. Wei Leng's eyes are not angry and arrogant. Milan's two famous coaches have gone to Maldini. Silvio relied on him even more. Of course, until now, Silvio did not know the secret of Seedorf's origin in Donglong Bazong. For this point,side impact door beams, although Qin Shang recognized the son, he did not tell him. How to say. Silvio is also the emperor of the Milan Empire. See Your Majesty. Seedorf bowed. Silvio had issued a pardon in his early years, and Marshal Seedorf did not need to kneel down to him on any occasion and could bring weapons to see him. cbiesautomotive.com