The poison of online games

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No, this is a big trouble. The service battle is carried out under the unified location and equipment. All of them are officially developed game warehouse equipment, and all of them are brain wave access equipment.

No, this is a big trouble. The service battle is carried out under the unified location and equipment. All of them are officially developed game warehouse equipment, and all of them are brain wave access equipment. But the fat man is used to holographic equipment. If he really gets the qualification of the representative team, where will he find such holographic equipment to participate in the service battle? Is it difficult to move your own equipment intact? After realizing this, the fat man was also anxious and repeatedly said in the team channel: "Bad, bad." His words were heard by the fate of the sky, they could not help but ask, until they heard the worries of the fat man, immediately also dumbfounded, there is such a question? "Don't.." "Don't panic," he tried with a bloody sword. "We may not be able to qualify for the representative team..." As a result, before he had finished saying this, the fate sky grabbed him by the neck and almost squeezed the guy's tongue out: "Ya, you have already struggled to this point, are you willing to fail like this?"? How dare you say such a discouraging thing? A sword flutters blood hurriedly way: "I am wrong, I am wrong, still not OK?" Only then did the fate sky let go of him. "I'm sorry," he said,High Speed Nail Making Machine, "I'm just preparing for the worst.." Luo Mo-ling nodded and said, "Fate is right. We have all struggled to this point. There is no reason to shrink back. It's better to look forward and have the confidence to win. From this point of view, what Ah Jiji considers is really a rainy day. It's good to plan early." Breeze Shuishui suddenly opened his mouth to the fat man and said, "Aji, why don't you ask the wolf smoke? Like you, she uses holographic equipment. If they are qualified for the team, she will face this problem like you." "Yes,Coil Nail Making Machine," the fat man sat in front of the console and patted his forehead. "How could I forget this?" Then he hurriedly contacted the wolf smoke of random dance, chat application is received, the faint voice of the wolf smoke of random dance over there comes: "What's the matter?" The fat man said it again and asked the dancing wolf: "Dancing beauty, what do you think if we really get the qualification of the representative team?" "I called the official customer service some time ago, and they told me.." he replied directly. Brainwave access devices must be used.. "Huh?" The fat man was dumbfounded: "That." Then your illness. "That's exactly what I'm going to say," he said with a gentle smile. "Although they say that the game warehouse won't have much problem, and there are medical staff present at any time, I guess it's hard to say, if.. I mean, if anything happens to me, I might need you to take command of my sunset angel team. There was a loud bang in the fat man's mind, and he suddenly remembered that before time went back, although the team had been active on the stage of the battle for a long time, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, in fact, the time she personally went on stage to command was only in the early stage, and in the later stage he didn't go on stage, all of them were outside the court to command. Is this because of her illness? In fact, since the party, he has learned that even in peacetime, he is trying to control his emotions, so he will always keep that light tone, in order not to let his mood fluctuate too much, her illness seems to have a lot to do with her mood, using holographic equipment, after all, what he sees is only a holographic picture, although the same is true. But the feeling of being on the scene will be less, but if she uses the brainwave access device, even if she can judge the situation calmly, if her teammates are nervous or anxious, they will also infect her, which is very harmful to her condition. The fat man used to think about what kind of strange disease it was, but he was not a doctor after all, and he couldn't say why, just because he didn't play in person in the later period, he already understood that the dancing beauty might not be able to play games in the way of brain wave access for a long time. In addition, the fat man seemed to recall that he did not know if it was because of the long-term contribution made by the dancing wolf smoke to the service battle in the Chinese area. Although she did not personally command in the later period, the official seemed to allow her to command outside the court. He had thought that if the official really restricted the game warehouse that could only use the brainwave access mode to compete, Dance Wolf smoke will also be allowed to command outside the field this time, but did not expect, dance Wolf smoke actually directly told the fat man, if she can not play, will give the command of the sunset angel team to the fat man, he will take the command. This Is this an orphan? Bah, the fat man couldn't help pumping his mouth. The dancing beauty hasn't hung up yet. What kind of loneliness is it? As soon as he recalled the beautiful chestnut hair and big blue eyes of the dance, the fat man felt that such unlucky words were a kind of blasphemy for such a beautiful girl. So he shook his head and said to the dancing wolf, "Don't say that. Believe me, your illness will get better." "Thank you" in the voice of the wolf smoke with a little happy mood, it seems, can get the blessing of the fat man, she is also very happy, after all, the fat man is one of her few friends. "In my opinion, in fact, the qualification of the representative team has been basically decided. Our Sunset Angel Association is determined to win. With your team and Shadow Shura's team,Nail machine manufacturer, these are the three representative teams. Although this statement is very arrogant, that's what I think, so if possible." I think you should get used to the brainwave access device now. ……………………。