Romantic Beauty Plays the Beauty of the Warring States Period

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Zi Chuan Xiu is determined not to do it. He knew that the secret ballot was very unfavorable to him at this time. Since ancient

Do you have proof? No one has seen you, oh, except that you don't know where in the world, you can say whatever you want. Are you kidding? If he is Yunpiaofeng, he just tore up the mask, that is not to marry him, she will not do it, although he is very pleasing to the eye. If I can prove that I am Yunpiaofeng, you will marry me. Yun Piaofeng said with a smile. No Lin Yiruo shouted that if she could jump up, she would jump up. Why Yun Piaofeng's face fell. I am not suitable for you, and two people who are not suitable will not be happy together. "No." "Yes, think about it. I'm a general of the state of Qin. I can't show myself as a daughter at all. And I'll always be loyal to the state of Qin and fight for the king of Qin. I'm the one who will defend one side. But you can't stay in the same place for too long. You're an eagle roaming the sky. You can't be trapped in one side." Yun Piaofeng looked at her crazily. What a clever little woman. She really knew him, just like Jun Juechen at the beginning. If he didn't marry her home, he would suffer too much. Anyway, you, I'm going to settle down! "Impossible!" Lin Yiruo announced word by word. This problem will be discussed when you are well. Now we are going to Handan to find Mo Shenyi. I don't want you to leave any regrets. "You don't have to be so kind. I know I owe you, but I'll pay you back." "Well, let's make a promise." "Get out!" "Well, the porridge is almost ready. The bartender is coming up. Do you want him to see you like this?" Lin Yiruo listened doubtfully, and sure enough, there was a sound of footsteps. With an exclamation, she hid back in the quilt, and his wild laughter came from her ears. She promised that if she married him, she would be angry to death. After staying for nearly ten days, Lin Yiruo was almost able to move freely, and Yunpiaofeng took her to Handan, where Mo Xichen owed him a favor. Lin Yiruo was going to wear men's clothes,Thyroid Powder Factory, but the damn cloud wind just bought women's clothes, and she had no money, so she had to reluctantly change back to women's clothes. Bastard! Lin Yiruo sat in the restaurant, kept pounding rice, little face angry, while cursing his ancestors 18 generations in the heart, while mercilessly staring at the opposite grinning and eating very delicious scum. At this time, a group of people sat down with their backs to them, knocking their swords hard on the table, and the timid people hurried to pay the bill and left. Originally Lin Yiruo despised them at most, but when he faintly heard something about Meng Tian Wang Ben, he calmed down and listened to them. Did you hear that Meng Tian, the grandson of Meng Ao, L Methylfolate Factory ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and Wang Ben, the son of Wang Jian, were both born in the State of Qin. And the king of Qin also informed the six countries that if anyone dared to hurt them, they would rise up. "Is it?"? Then what did they come out to do, to help Qin Lian Heng? "No, I heard that I was looking for someone. One of them joined the army, Lin Ruo, who was famous in the Six Kingdoms some time ago." "Him." "Yes, I heard that it was secretly ordered by the King of Qin, and now all countries are looking for this man." "Why?" "In the battle of Tunliu, General Wang Jian attributed all the credit to Lin Ruo, and told the world that Lin Ruo was his sworn brother. Don't you think countries are busy looking for such an important person?"? If you send someone to kill this Lin Ruo in another country, then provoke a war between the two sides, the initiator can reap the benefits, I heard that this Lin Ruo is a general, so just hit his attention, or to replace Meng Tian and Wang Ben there is no way out. And the State of Qin asked the State of Yan to punish Fan Yuqi. It was said that the war was coming. "Tut-tut, if this Yan State is sensible, it should hand over Fan Yuqi." Who says it isn't. And Lin Ruo's head is worth a thousand pieces of gold now. All the swordsmen and organizations are trying to get his head, but they don't know where Lin Ruo has gone. "Didn't you say you were captured by Fan Yuqi?" "But he was robbed by an unknown boy, and his whereabouts were unknown. A few days ago, he said that he had appeared in Wei, so all the swordsmen went to Wei.". ” "No wonder." The gang went to talk about other things. Lin Yiruo was not in the mood to listen any more. Meng Tian and Xiao Ben all came out to look for me. Ying Zheng must be very worried. But he shouldn't have attacked Yan at this time. Chang Xinhou was going to rebel. If he emptied the army, he would be finished. No, she had to inform him, but how could she persuade him? "What are you thinking?" Yun Piaofeng touched Lin Yiruo's nose. Nothing. Lin Yiruo lightly covered up, these things less people know less a danger. Worried about your head? That's a thousand gold! "Get out of here, no serious ruffian. Don't bother me. Since you are so idle, you might as well go down and buy me some snacks. Remember to walk, not fly." "All right." Yun Piaofeng is very interesting to let her be quiet. How to contact Ying Zheng? Lin Yiruo leaned against the window lattice and thought quietly. Suddenly there was a tremor from his chin. He thought that the ruffian was playing with himself again. He turned around and wanted to scold him, but he saw a long greasy face holding his chin. Lin Yiruo instinctively stood up and kept a certain distance from the playboy. Little lady, why are you sitting here so lonely? Looking at the pig's undisguised appearance, Lin Yiruo really wanted to give him two slaps, but this is in Zhao, how to fight those people without power, or keep a low profile, reluctantly swallow his breath, bite his teeth and pretend to be submissive, "the slave family is waiting for her husband." "Is it?"? The young lady doesn't have to wait. Let's go with the young man. She's guaranteed to be ten million times better than your husband. "The slave family thanks the childe for his love, but the slave family doesn't want to." "Well, it's not up to you!" With these words, he directed the servants behind him to be strong. Lin Yiruo looked at those big fellow approaching step by step, and the people in the restaurant did not reflect, also know that they have long been common,Heme Iron Polypeptide, your grandfather, cloud wind where did you die? Lin Yiruo was so angry that he quickly touched the acupoints of several people. Then he lifted his feet and kicked the greasy-haired playboy downstairs. Hum, it's enough for Yunpiaofeng to eat tofu for a while. Your grandfather also wants to take advantage of this young lady. Bah.