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Zi Chuan Xiu is determined not to do it. He knew that the secret ballot was very unfavorable to him at this time. Since ancient

But at this time, he did not know these things at all, nor did he know that the leaders of the three groups of the eternal night organization, as well as Frederick, were rushing from everywhere to enter the tower of the underworld, in order to see him and say something. Tang Fan has started 75 times the speed of practice. Sure enough, seventy-five times and forty times are different, not only in speed, but also in a state and a feeling. At this time, Tang Fan's heart gave birth to an idea, that is, if the super nine-level peak demigod stays in the forty times training room to practice, absolutely can not achieve any forty times the efficiency of training, I am afraid it will not be much better than practicing outside. It was purely an intuition, but Tang Fan believed that his intuition had never been wrong. Indeed, there is a difference in the number of layers of the tower, which is not only reflected in the practice of multiples, but also targeted. The higher the tower of the underworld is, the more beneficial it will be to practice. After all, there is a clear difference between the super nine-level peak demigod and the upper nine-level peak demigod, and the things they need to experience are different. On this point, the true God who built the tower of the underworld at the beginning also took it into consideration, so he set up the difference, which needs to be experienced by himself. Tang Fan is under seventy-five times the speed of practice, only to feel that his spiritual strength, in a little bit of improvement, and quality is also in a little bit of improvement,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, become more pure. The more pure the spirit is, the more helpful it is for cultivation. Tang Fan's spirit, as early as before the eternal night headquarters, accepted the baptism, was purified once, became very pure, after the practice effect is much better, and now, in the seventy-five-storey tower of the underworld practice,Kava Root Extract, Tang Fan unexpectedly once again felt his spirit, is being a little bit of purification. Although the speed of purification is very slow and almost imperceptible, it really exists and happens. The longer you practice in such a place, the greater the benefits. After Tang Fan finished the day's practice, he did not rush to start the next day's practice, but secretly summed up: "Look, if it is a high level of practice, the effect should be good." Said, Tang Fan suddenly had a kind of impulse to continue to rush up and get the right to use the high-level training room. But he will be forced to suppress this impulse, after all, it is not very realistic, the more up, the strength will be stronger, the greater the competition, it is better to stay here to practice well, improve the strength, and then continue to go up. To be continued The strength of Volume 4 531 has been improved. The leaders of the three groups of the Eternal Night Organization rushed to the Tower of the Underworld and met Frederick at the entrance. Your Excellency. The three leaders hurriedly saluted Frederick. . Whether in terms of status or strength, they are not as good as Frederick, and now Frederick seems to be quite friendly to them, Quillaja Saponin ,Thyroid Powder Factory, so it is normal to salute. How is it? Have you seen Mr. Tang Fan? Frederick hurriedly asked, he was a little anxious, because he had applied to the Di Fan family, let Tang Fan become a guest of the Di Fan family, the application was also passed, now need Tang Fan to appear, with him to Di Fan family to carry out some simple examination. We have only just arrived, sir. Said the Night Chief. So, go in at once and find Mr. Tang Fan. Frederick said hurriedly, "If he has entered the training room, be sure to ask which floor of the training room he is on." "Yes, sir." When the three leaders of the three groups of the Eternal Night Organization had finished speaking, they, together with Frederick, quickly entered the tower of the underworld and immediately went to the upper level, asking questions when they met others along the way. Gradually, they knew that Tang Fan rushed to more than sixty floors, one by one, of course. Not long after, they learned that Tang Fan's impulse was more than seventy floors. After a long period of careful understanding, they locked in the seventy-fourth and seventy-fifth floors, which are the most likely places for Tang Fan to stay. You stay on the seventy-fourth floor, and I will stay on the seventy-fifth floor. "After a moment's thought, Frederick said," Your Excellency Tang Fan's ancient points should be fifty or sixty million in total. Under the consumption of seventy-four or seventy-five layers, they can't last for a hundred days. So we won't wait too long. " "Yes, sir." The leaders of the three groups of the Eternal Night Organization said one after another and went straight to the seventy-fourth floor. Indeed. A hundred days is nothing to a demigod like them. Sometimes, they wait here for the time of the training room. It's more than a hundred days, maybe even a year or two, which is no problem for them. Just stand, close your eyes, and get into a state of semi-cultivation. Time will soon pass. And Tang Fan. Unbeknownst to him, Frederick and the leaders of the three groups of the Eternal Night Organization were waiting for him outside, and he directly deducted a large number of ancient points, almost all of them, in exchange for more than two months and nearly three months of practice time. In this way, he does not need to wake up once a day to deduct the ancient points, but can directly enter the deep meditation, the effect of that practice. It will be much better. Unconsciously, a training room on the 75th floor of the Hades Tower was filled with a mist-like atmosphere. Flutter slowly, one after another to the middle of the figure spread away, into his body. This kind of cloud and mist breath seems to be endless, constantly appearing from all around. And in this unconscious, with the deep meditation, the strength of the soul, a little bit of improvement, the quality of the soul is also slowly improving, and even the power of the soul, is also growing. If you can always be in such a practice. Perhaps, it will not take too long, Tang Fan's soul strength and soul power, will be able to upgrade to the limit of the super nine-level peak demigod, so as to have the qualifications to sprint pseudo-god. But unfortunately, he doesn't have enough ancient points. Far from enough, it can only last for more than two months. Practice time, completely unable to perceive the passage of time, suddenly, Tang Fan's eyes opened,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, there is a touch of fine awn like a sharp arrow shot out, through the void, leaving traces slowly dissipated.