Changeable princess

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Zi Chuan Xiu is determined not to do it. He knew that the secret ballot was very unfavorable to him at this time. Since ancient

A long time "Let's be friends." She turned him down. Why He did not believe that his charm had become lower, and he had never failed with women, which frustrated him a little. There's no reason. It's just that I don't have feelings for you. She replied lightly. Feelings can be cultivated slowly. He breathed in his ear like an orchid and did not give up. Ambiguous words, intimate movements, make her a little trembling, but more is not used to, she is not used to him like this, struggling: "You let me go first." When he heard this, he hugged her more tightly. She was so angry that she was addicted to tofu. See how she punishes him, just want to teach him a lesson, unexpectedly someone grabs a step first. Nanwang, let her go. Ximei appeared with a cold face, and her peach blossom eyes showed a terrible momentum. As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his red flame palm and went straight away. South snow wing had to let go of the silver, to fight. Xi Yin took the opportunity to escape to the other side of the bed. Whew. Whew.. She was a little out of breath in his arms, and she was half a cat to relax. Are you all right? North Hanyu's warm voice came, and her movements stroked her back very gently and delicately, so that she could relax. She looked up and suddenly found that his amber phoenix eyes were not as aloof and cold as usual, without temperature, but with a little soft light, which made her a little afraid. He and Ximei went to the palace in the daytime and told Dongqifeng about Zuo Caifeng, and asked Dongqifeng to report to the public. But said to report to the public to deal with, look at the anger of Dong Qifeng, I don't know if I can still do business? I wanted to see her at night. East Qifeng stood on the edge, looking at the matter of being preempted by North Hanyu,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and his anger grew. When he heard about Zuo Caifeng in the daytime, he immediately punished him and locked him up for a few years so that he could reflect on himself. Had it not been for the strong intercession of Zuo Xiang and Cai Fei, he would not have taken advantage of the grandson. At night, I had no intention of sleeping, so I came to see her. Did not expect to see this picture, see the north Hanyu was so special to her, can no longer help anger, flying fan shot, straight attack the north Hanyu. Xi Yin immediately fled, and Dong Qifeng and Bei Hanyu were also fighting together. When the so-called rival in love met,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, they were particularly jealous. The battle of four people was comparable to the martial arts conference, and even more wonderful than the martial arts conference. The battle was unprecedented and unprecedented. This book was first published by Xiaoxiang Academy, please do not reprint! [Volume II Qing Ming yuan Bo: Chapter 62 Chaos War] She recovered her breath and quickly opened the door and ran out of the room. Confused and puzzled about the sudden attack of four people, why? Should be the same competitors, we all want to unify the world, who do not see who, will fight. Well, that must be it. She is very satisfied with what she wants. It's none of her business to shift the blame to nothing. The night is charming and the shadow of the moon is faint. She sat in front of the door, enjoying the moonlight in front of her, very comfortable. Don't ask, let them fight to the death. The silver moon bow of Ximei is eerily shining with red light in the moonlight, which is very scary. Slowly put on the silver arrow, draw the bow, leave the string, the action at one go, the arrow rain all over the sky hit the south snow wing. Stabbed by the silver light, Xi Yin had to look sideways, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Oil Dropper Bottle, just saw this scene, exclaimed: "No, Meimei." Hearing this, Ximei immediately flew to Xiyin's side, "Yinyin, what did you say?" Xi Meijun's face was livid, like Shura in the moonlight. Could it be that she cared about Nan Xueyi and told him not to? He felt his heart was breaking with pain. Xi Yin still stared blankly at the direction of the arrow rain and did not answer. Nan Xueyi was overjoyed, originally she cared about him, he thought how could a woman refuse with his charm, originally she liked him in her heart long ago. Nan Xueyi used his posture to retreat to avoid the arrow rain all over the sky. Although this arrow rain is very fierce, it also has a weakness, that is, if people are far away, they can safely avoid it. It was a little humiliating, but in order not to worry Silver, he put up with it. But what he didn't understand was why Ximei didn't use the highest level of heavy rain with arrows all over the sky. Did he want to torture him slowly, make him flummoxed, lose his image in front of silver, and then make the highest move to deal with him. At this point, can not help but feel that the West United States is too mean and vicious, as if he has always been so. However, even dealing with rivals in love, robbing women to use this kind of trick, it is a bit not aboveboard. When Nan Xueyi came to Xi Yin, she pursed her lips and said with a light smile, "I knew Yin cared about me.". ” "Bang.." Bang.. The silver arrow pierced the object and made a noise, and dozens of pots of exotic plants were destroyed. With a sad look on her face, Xi Yin pushed away the obstacle in front of her, Nan Xueyi, and ran tremblingly to the victims of the war, touching the debris on the ground, with tears in her eyes. Aunt Qing said that it was her favorite, the most painstaking flowers and plants, because she liked to put them here, but so abruptly destroyed, destroyed. "Oh, my God, what should I do?" She called out. Yinyin, what's wrong? Ximei asked anxiously, as if she had guessed that she didn't want it because she cared about South Snow Wing. Was it because of these exotic plants? Think of this layer, his mood inexplicably better, see her push away the south snow wing scene, the mood is more cool. Nan Xueyi's face is so smelly now that it can be compared with that of Bei Hanyu. I thought she cared about him so that she would cry out. Unexpectedly, he flattered himself. Looking at her sad expression on her face, could it be that his safety is not as good as dozens of pots of exotic plants? It made him very uncomfortable. When? Has he become so cheap as a king of a country? No one wants to paste it upside down. But fortunately he is not the only one, the East Emperor, the North Emperor, the West Emperor are cheap upside down, cheap upside down! But she didn't like it. There was a smile on his lips, and it seemed that he had to try harder. Silver, is this flower very important? The south snow wing also opens the mouth to inquire, perhaps may be able to start from this strange flower strange grass above. Xi Yin doesn't want to talk to these two criminals. If it weren't for them, how could they become like this. On the other side, Beihanyu brandished his sword, which was thin and broken, and the light of countless box-colored swords was like clouds in the sky,30ml dropper bottle, illuminating the eyes of everyone present. The evening silver was made by the light. He looked up and cried in a frightened voice, "Hanyu, stop!" 。