Upgrade to God

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Wen ran whispered in my ear, "I want to hold you tight, but I'm afraid you'll jump into the lake and disappear." My heart is warm,shuttle rack system, but it is teasing, "Wenran brother, I can't swim!"

But to Chen Feng's surprise, as soon as he had finished speaking, Qi Haifeng wrinkled his head slightly and hesitated for a moment. Then he opened his mouth: "Chen Dharma Protector, to tell you the truth, the main purpose of my coming here is to save you back. If I take you with me, I'm afraid.." Speaking of this, Qi Haifeng stopped his voice, but the meaning was very obvious. Chen Feng was stunned for a moment. His face sank immediately. He opened his mouth and said, "Old Qi, do you mean to take me away and leave them behind?" "Dharma Protector Chen, as you know, many people in the inner realm know that you are with your friends. If you take them with you, it will be very difficult for us to guarantee your safety!" Qi Haifeng's face was full of apologies and he said with some embarrassment. Ha ha, old Qi, I understand what you mean. In that case, please go back and tell Wang Ruoyu that I have thanked Chen Feng, but I can't do it if I abandon my friends. Please go back! With a cold hum, Chen Feng turned around and was about to go out of the hole. Qi Haifeng was stunned and quickly reached out and grabbed Chen Feng's sleeve. Chen Hufa, it's not that Ruoyu doesn't want to help them, but their goal is too obvious. If people know you're in Guanghan Palace, the consequences will be unimaginable! "Old Qi, to put it bluntly, you and I know why Wang Ruoyu saved me, and since I am looking for her at this time, it is precisely because she knows my value!"! If you want to get something, you must take some risks. Speaking of this,heavy duty cantilever racks, Chen Feng paused and immediately flashed a trace of contempt and disdain on his face and continued. In other words, if I use the magic ring, it is not difficult to leave the wilderness. The reason why I don't leave is that I don't want to abandon my brothers and sisters who have gone through life and death with me. If I leave at this time, how can I talk about friendship? How can we talk about morality? Chen Feng said this, said the righteousness awe-inspiring, eyes can not say the firm, heard Qi Haifeng old face a red, the heart can not help but feel some guilt. Looking at Qi Haifeng's silence and uncertain expression on his face, Chen Feng turned to leave the cave with a deep sigh. But as soon as Chen Feng reached the entrance of the cave, he suddenly stopped. His face changed and he turned to glare at Qi Haifeng: "Old Qi,cantilever racking system, is this your last resort?" Qi Haifeng forehead, embarrassed old face flashed the color of doubt, walked quickly to the mouth of the cave, only to find that outside the cave, asking for love and others, were surrounded by more than a hundred monks brought by themselves, the two sides glared at each other, and had a posture of disagreement. Standing there for a long time, Qi Haifeng seemed to realize something. His face suddenly became very ugly. He said to the crowd in a deep voice, "What are you doing?" A pair of eyes, like two sharp knives, kept sweeping over Qi Haifeng. Qi Haifeng felt ashamed in front of Chen Feng. He looked angrily at a middle-aged monk in the crowd and opened his mouth again: "Jiang Yu, hurry up and let people disperse. They are friends of Chen Dharma Protector!" Hearing Qi Haifeng's words, Chen Feng's eyes narrowed into a slit, carefully distinguishing the true from the false, but the middle-aged monk took an indifferent look at Chen Feng, immediately turned his head and looked at Qi Haifeng, raised a light smile on his face, wire mesh decking ,asrs warehouse, and opened his mouth tepidly. Elder Qi, when the deputy palace master came, he explained that with the existence of these people, Chen Dharma Protector would not be willing to leave with us, so these people must die! "Unbridled!"! It's not your turn to point fingers here. Spread out! Qi Haifeng shouted angrily, as if he wanted to refute it, but he could not find a reason to open his mouth, because he knew that since Jiang Yu dared to do so, it must be Wang Ruoyu who had really ordered it, but if he did so, what was the difference between himself and the shameless villain! "Good Wang Ruoyu, she abandoned me several times, and now she uses such despicable means, hehe!"! It seems that it doesn't matter if you don't go to the Guanghan Palace! Chen Feng smiled faintly, but his eyes were filled with a sense of killing, at this time no matter who, can also clearly feel the deep anger in his body! "Chen Xiaoyou, you listen to me, things are not what you think, I think Ruoyu will definitely not do so!" Qi Haifeng, anxious and sweating, his face was blue and white, and he was obviously surprised by what was happening in front of him. "Old Qi, if you still treat me as a friend, go back, things here are out of your control!" Chen Feng noticed that Qi Haifeng did not know the inside story, his face softened a little, and his voice was unusually calm and said to Qi Haifeng. Jiang Yu, I order you to retreat quickly, or the door rules will be dealt with! Qi Haifeng was so anxious that he was sweating profusely. Seeing that Chen Fengzhen had moved to kill him, he turned his head and shouted angrily at Jiang Yu again. I'm sorry, Elder Qi. Forgive the younger generation for obeying orders! Jiang Yu was forty years old, with a straight nose and a broad mouth. When he spoke at this time, his voice was sonorous and forceful, and his expression was dignified. It was obvious that he was not low in the Guanghan Palace on weekdays. You You Qi Haifeng was angry, pointing to Jiang Yu, fingers in the air kept trembling, you are old for a long time, Leng is not to say a complete sentence! "Take it all!" Jiang Yu sees Qi Haifeng such expression, muddy do not care, turn a head to say to the friar beside. Monk Qi of the Guanghan Palace claimed that he was. He dodged and wanted to ask for love and others to catch him. But as soon as they made a move, Chen Feng's figure flashed and he came directly to ask for love and others. His eyes swept over their faces one by one. He said, "If anyone dares to move today, I will let him die without a whole body!" Say this, Chen Feng Jian eyebrows slightly wrinkled, light Zen suddenly, a monstrous killing, rolling out from Chen Feng's body! "Dharma Protector Chen, please get out of the way, or you will be hurt. When you go back, your subordinates will not be able to explain!" Jiang Yu's face, has been hanging if there is no faint smile, but the words of ridicule, people can hear clearly. Huh, by you? I'm afraid I don't deserve it! Chen Feng chuckled, but instead of looking at Jiang Yu, he turned his head and smiled softly. "I was worried just now,mobile racking systems," he said softly. He smiled at Chen Feng with a gentle smile: "Don't worry if you are here!" Short words, but reveal incomparable trust, perhaps the trust between people is so simple. jracking.com