Forty thousand years of cultivation

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At first, they beat me black and blue, but I still didn't do it. Later, they all followed me!" Cold to see sorrow must be really surprised, emotions are revealed,tile profile factory, so the face suddenly became very clear, the layer of fog all disappeared, Xueting was very pro

All the weapons on the battlefield of the "Burning Chariot" are mass-produced magic weapons with relatively simple structures. Guo Yu is a veteran Star Ranger who has experienced hundreds of battles and is also a weapons expert. Of course, he has mastered the most basic magic weapon maintenance and assembly. For the maintenance of some simple magic weapons, his speed is not much slower than Li Yao's. Li Yao withdrew his eyes and concentrated on polishing his weapons. His thinking is different from Guo Yu's. Guo Yu repaired as many weapons as he could in one breath, and he piled all the components of the magic weapon together, refitting a huge sword with an exaggerated shape. Two meters long and weighing 425 kilograms, the two blades stand side by side, covered with serrations like monster fangs. As the spar and amulet array inlaid on the body of the knife are launched, an electric arc winds and collides between the two blades, bursting out a "crackling" noise, and the serrations quickly vibrate, turning the tip of the knife into a shadow. Chapter 363 Burning Chariot. This double-edged concussion sword has reached the destructive limit of the mass-produced sword. The modification skills of flowing clouds and flowing water made many spectators outside the arena nod repeatedly. These people are experts, no matter what the position, eyesight is extremely smart, the heart said that no matter the strength of the vulture Li Yao, at least this modification ability, is enough for him to win a place in some of the lower ranking teams. At this point, Guo Yu also completed the choice of weapons. Compared with Li Yao, he was completely armed, with two translucent daggers in his waist,stainless steel edging strip, a psionic arrow explosive gun in both hands, a thick palm mine launcher on it, a chainsaw sword and a concussive sword crossed behind him, and several sharp broken blades in his boots. Didi! The display lights on the three referee's magnetic balls turned dangerous red at the same time. Time for protection is over, and the battle begins! "Boom!" Before the two sides could move, a melting spar chariot in the center of the arena exploded without warning. Twisted turrets rose into the sky, hot debris such as meteor fire rain,stainless steel tile edging, covering a radius of 100 meters, and shock waves filled every corner of the arena, causing both pupils to shrink. Whew! Whew! Guo Yu has fought several times in the "Burning Chariot" arena, and this kind of scene is common. That's one of the reasons he chose Arena 17. Taking advantage of the moment of the explosion of the spar chariot, he launched an attack first, and the psionic bomb was fired at Li Yao! The idea of building a strong base and using firearms is quite different from that of ordinary soldiers. Every time a bullet is fired, it will wrap its own thoughts around it, and in a short distance, it can be manipulated at will by the spirit. Guo Yu instantly fired 72 bullets. But it is divided into seventy-two ideas, precisely adjusting the speed, direction and angle of the bullet, after crossing hundreds of meters. All the bullets form a dragnet, almost at the same time. It blocked every angle of Li Yao and completely interrupted his idea of dodging. Sure enough, stainless steel tile trim ,aluminum tile trim, there is a set. No wonder you dare to fight with Ding Ling! This is the first time that Li Yao has competed with the gun masters in the period of building the foundation. The other side's skill in precisely manipulating bullets opened his eyes. His psionics spread out like ripples, and he faintly felt that each bullet was wrapped in psionics in a different way. It seems that every bullet has a unique magical power. In a flash of lightning, Li Yao's computing power soared to the limit, but he could not find a perfect evasion plan. Even in the most near-perfect scenario. He had to fight off two bullets! "Guo Yu is only the beginning of the foundation, but because of the long-term practice in the secret star, master the terrible fighting skills, the real combat effectiveness burst out, I am afraid more powerful than some of the outside world in the middle of the foundation!" "If I could practice in the Secret Star for a year and a half, to what extent would I evolve?" Li Yao gritted his teeth, sprinted and brandished his knife. The sword is not directly aimed at the warhead, but grazes the warhead and uses the high-speed vibration of the blade. Hit the bullet from the side. He destroyed the attack trajectory of seventeen bullets in an instant, and in the bullet storm, he tore a crack with difficulty. Bang, bang, bang, bang! Guo Yu is also a decisive person. See all the bullets are about to miss, simply mind agitation, directly in the bullet attack array all detonated, in order to disturb the rhythm of Li Yao! At the same time, he shot three palm thunder at Li Yao's whole body, threw the psionic arrow explosive gun aside, copied his hands behind him, left knife and right sword, and turned his body into a streamer. Extreme speed! "Boom!" Another spar chariot exploded not far from him, and Guo Yu not only did not dodge. Instead, he concentrated all the psionic shields between himself and the spar chariot, turning the power of the shock wave into his own use. Speed up another step, breaking through the sound barrier in an instant! "Ding!" "Ding-ding, ding-ding, ding-ding!" As soon as Li Yao broke free from the labyrinth of flames set off by bullets, a metal storm of swords was set off in front of his eyes! Guo Yu's attack completely enveloped him, like a mountain of knives and a sea of fire, which made him breathless. The veteran Star Patrol, who has experienced hundreds of battles, is so powerful! The audience outside, with the help of a head-mounted three-dimensional light screen, is like a ghost appearing in the arena, and can observe the fight between the two men at the closest distance. They all saw that Guo Yu had an absolute advantage from the beginning and completely controlled the rhythm of the battle. Li Yao can only struggle to support, and has no power to fight back. Guo Yu's strength has improved a lot compared with a month ago. His sword speed has increased by at least 9%. The switching between swords is also fast. This boy really exerts his extreme fighting power at the beginning of building a foundation! "It seems that in the face of Ding Ling's tragic defeat, he also thought a lot, ah, if it is in this state today to face Ding Ling, I am afraid it will not lose so miserably!" "Li Yao,metal trim manufacturers, the vulture, is just a newcomer who has just risen to the foundation period. Once he is suppressed and falls into a bitter battle, the chance of turning the tables is very small!" "It's hard to say. Li Yao is famous for his cunning and scheming. That's why he's called a'vulture 'outside. I don't believe that he doesn't have any back hands!" "Clang!" 。