Legend of the demon

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Each "crossbow of death's sickle" can fire ten "arc moonlight blades" at a time, either directly, or roundabout,5 person hot tub, or from top to bottom, or from left to right.. The trajectory of the flying shot was the same, and it went straight to the sea lio

He turns round to want to go, I have a word to be like a stem in the throat however, do not spit out not to be happy: "Nanshan old man!"! In your heart.. Naturally, I always remember this woman, but after she is reborn, can you still remember that you were the little tree that grew up beside her? Nanshan old man's long silvery eyebrows trembled slightly. He said lightly, "She has suffered for five hundred years in the nether world and the Infernal Affairs, and has waited for three thousand years in the human world. She can only accompany that monk for forty years. I have done nothing, but I can accompany her for 1841 years.". Come to think of it, what am I not satisfied with? If she is spiritual and reincarnated, all her thoughts must be on her lover. Even if she saw me, she would not recognize me. How could she remember me? He took two steps forward, but stopped and said, "On the last night when she was an ore, I asked her what you would do if he didn't remember you when you went to see him without hesitation."? She said, 'As long as I remember, as long as I can stay by his side, what does it matter whether he remembers or not?' I I am the same, as long as I always remember, as long as I can serve her side, she remembers, what does it matter? With a wave of his robe sleeve, he strode out of the temple. The brown-clad figure drifted away and finally disappeared into the dark sea. Suddenly, I heard a song in the distance, which was desolate and vigorous, apparently from the voice of the old man in Nanshan. With the surging sound of the waves in the sea, it was particularly clear: A formula of life and death from heaven and earth, a good marriage is like a flower,4 person jacuzzi, rain and wind blow two places apart. The three living stones are broken, the four sea waters are dry, and the five are all burned and the six gods are destroyed. The seven souls are dimly discernible, and the souls are wandering in the eight wastelands, searching all over the nine heavens and ten realms. Even if is the beauty gentleman does not know, only this ambition arrow copper and iron. Thousands of strands of love are endless, time is like electricity, and the wind and clouds are moving for thousands of years. The dream of a hundred generations is sad, the love of several years is bitter, and it is difficult to cross the ten mountains and nine mountains. The eight parts are boundless, the Tao is in the seven hearts, and the six dust and five precepts are seen through. I don't know who can take pity on the orb, but there is still blue smoke to offer sacrifices to it. Elegy of the Deep Sea The elder sister's wedding day is coming soon. According to the usual practice, we East China Sea Dragon Clan and so on, have already arrived in the South China Sea ahead of time, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,endless swimming pool, in addition to the elder sister, the rest of us have met with the South China Sea Dragon King's family, and naturally met my future brother-in-law-Ao Xuan, the second prince of the South China sea. Ao Xuan is a famous handsome man in the Dragon Clan. Compared with the Great Prince of the West Sea, he is well-dressed and well-mannered. He is much more refined and gentle than the Great Prince of the West Sea. But what really surprised and amazed us was that the brocade clothes he was wearing had very complicated and delicate patterns, but the color was very elegant and pleasant, with a faint brilliance, which was really loved and admired. Even his father, who had always been fastidious, could not help exclaiming, "The weavers in the palace of the in-laws seem to be very skillful. I think the brocade clothes worn by the good son-in-law are so beautiful and exquisite that even the weaver girl by the Milky Way may not be able to weave them." The Dragon King of the South China Sea was so happy that his face shone brightly. "Where? Where? In-laws, you are flattered.". The East China Sea is the richest in the world. How can I compare with the small South China Sea? Ao Xuan just bowed his head and smiled, I do not know if I am too sensitive, I think his smile, but also with a bit reluctant. Doesn't he like to hear other people's praise? I had already arranged all the dowry of the elder sister and sent it to the Dragon Palace of the South China Sea, whose rich content was expected to be quite satisfactory to the Dragon King of the South China Sea. I once went to my elder sister's temporary residence in the South China Sea and wanted to invite her to come and have a look. She drew her eyebrows and nodded her forehead in front of the mirror without looking back: "What am I not satisfied with the dowry prepared by Seventeen Sisters?" Twenty-one Princess Ao Kui excitedly described to her the beauty of the second prince of the South China Sea. She smiled disdainfully, "Really?"? We have enough handsome men in the East China Sea. What is he? Ao was so excited that he was poured cold water on it and pouted his lips without saying a word. I arranged my elder sister's wedding dress and jewelry by myself, and I didn't lift my head. In fact, I knew in my heart that the elder sister must be referring to Yanzhao, the son of the nine-headed Marquis in the East China Sea. The Jiajia Hydra clan is a big clan in the East China Sea, which has been sealed for generations. The elder sister and Zan Yanzhao are in the same year. They play together since they urinate. They must have done something in private. Because once I helped my elder sister tidy up her wedding clothes in the rear hall of her bedroom. After a busy day in the Qiluo pile, I was gradually forgotten. In the evening, I heard the elder sister throwing things and tearing her clothes inside, crying and making a scene, while her mother, Lady Mingxiang, scolded her: "As the eldest princess of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, you have the noblest dragon blood on your body. How can you marry another clan and give birth to some monsters that are not bad?" The elder sister showed no sign of weakness and fought back: "You are not a member of the Dragon Clan, and I am a monster who is neither good nor bad!" Then I heard a "bang", but it was Mrs. Mingxiang who gave the elder sister a clear slap in the face. Among my father's concubines, only Lady Weihe, Lady Huaiji, Lady Qinghe and my mother Lady Qingyuan are the descendants of the Dragon Clan. They gave birth to my three brothers and me respectively. In terms of the blood of the Dragon Clan, only my four brothers and sisters can be regarded as the most orthodox. Lady Mingxiang is a beauty of the clam clan, but she has a strong nature and is the first lady to give birth to a princess for her father. So she never stops trying to be competitive and regards the orthodox blood of the dragon clan as more important than anyone else. According to her disposition, the daughter is naturally to marry the authentic dragon clan, how to accommodate the nine-headed Zerg Yanzhao? How can the elder sister listen? Now you have to seek death. Lady Mingxiang was naturally not an ordinary person. She didn't expect me to be in the hall and thought there was no one around. She said to the elder sister in a low voice, "Don't be silly. If you marry to the South China Sea, your status will be a great honor. Your elder sister and younger sister are jealous of you too late. How can your family compare with you?"? Besides, you like Yanzhao simply because he is knowledgeable, considerate and gentle. Even if you marry in the South China Sea, it's not that you won't go back to your mother's home for life. Then you can go back to the East China Sea to visit relatives, and then secretly associate with him, which is not the beginning. Later, the elder sister was willing to marry to the South China Sea, which must have been the words of Mrs. Mingxiang,jacuzzi swim spa, which played a key role. So most of the time, when I see the whole Dragon Palace go to a lot of trouble to prepare for the elder sister's marriage, I think it's really funny. monalisa.com