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Li Tao nodded under the other side's dignified expression, and then pushed open the door of the office in front of him at the signal of Shang Weiwei.

Zhang Jie was stupefied for a moment. He laughed and said, "It's not easy to get the plot of the branch line. You have to think about it carefully. What's the matter with you?" Zheng Zha coughed and said with a little embarrassment, "I think.." Why don't we all go to the beaches of Hawaii and relax for a while? Ten days. Well, it's not a realistic Hawaiian beach. It refers to the Hawaiian beach of the last horror movie. In this way, you don't need to consume the number of side plots, nor do you need five times the number of bonus points. You only need ten bonus points to exchange for one day. What do you think? Just go and rest for ten days. "I refuse!" "Well.." The two big-breasted girls said at the same time, and then they looked at each other in a daze, and such a positive and negative answer made Zheng Zha, the initiator of the proposal, even more embarrassed. —————————————————— Recommended: Instinct Kill, ISBN: 114166) Click to view the image link: Instinct kills wWw. xiaoshuo txt.coM Chapter 6: Blue Sky, Blue Sea … Chest and fierce? (Top) t:xt. Small `say ". God Don like infinite horror friends, please continue to vote to recommend support it, your support can let me have the confidence to continue to write better, thank you.. Collection and recommendation. If you think it looks good, please continue to support me. I will return you with better articles. Thank you. ———————————————— "Why did you refuse?" "Why do you agree?" The two girls were also not polite and asked loudly directly. Zhao Yingkong said lightly: "No reason, because my reward points should be kept to strengthen physical fitness or exchange for some handy weapons, I will not be foolish enough to use the reward points for luxury.." Zhan Lan snorted: "What is the function of luxury?"? I've been on tenterhooks these days,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and when I came back, I saw the same space of'Lord God '. If it goes on like this, I'll go crazy. I'll exchange 100 reward points for 10 days of quiet rest. I think it's worth it! Why do you think the Lord God has an option to go to the world of horror movies? Zhao Yingkong said coldly, "I don't know. Your willpower is too fragile, not to mention the ten days of rest in the space of the'Lord God '. Even if you don't have the ten days of rest, you will keep fighting for a month or even longer. The whole person will keep fighting with survival, just to survive. When you open your full potential,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, the painful aftermath.." You don't know anything! Zhan Lan blushed. She suddenly turned her head and said angrily to Zheng Zha, "Hey, this is what you suggested. Don't you want to say anything?" Zheng Zha said with a slight embarrassment, "In fact, I didn't want to do anything. Those who just want to travel will travel, and those who don't want to go will stop in the space of the'main God '. First, I opened the energy of the blood clan in the curse, hoping to have more time to master it. Second, I really want to relax my nerves, rest and fight with relaxation, so that I can recover my best condition." I don't mean anything else. It's just a hundred bonus points. It's just a ten-day break. If everyone wants to go together, we can go together. ” Zhan Lan nodded hurriedly and said, "En, brushed stainless steel sheet ,stainless steel welded pipe, I've always wanted to go to the beach in Hawaii before, but I haven't had a chance. Since I only spent 100 reward points, I have enough reward points to go together after I exchanged the endurance surgery.." Zheng Zha didn't dare to look at Zhan Lan. He quickly turned his head and asked the rest of the people, "Where is everyone?"? Spend 100 bonus points to relax for ten days, I really want to be able to relax a little nerve, I do not know what your idea is? Zero point did not say much, he just nodded lightly, which made people around him surprised, and Zhang Jie laughed and said that he would definitely go, and Qi Teng thought for a long time, refused to go with the crowd to Xia Wei, his strength is the worst in the crowd, and he got the least reward points, so in contrast, he did not. He really has no energy to relax like others. Zhao Yingkong suddenly said, "I can go with you, too, but.." Zheng Zha, fight with me again, I want to fight with you, in the case of not hurting each other's lives, I want to see how much your potential is better than mine. Zheng Zha was stupefied for a moment and didn't know how to answer. Zhao Yingkong continued: "I know why you open the gene lock. In the world of horror movies, any difference in strength is enough to make people die. And since it's going to collide with other teams, there should be three people in their team, or there were three people who opened the gene lock. I don't want to lose the enemy.." So you and I fight, you open the genetic lock should be very strong, can not lose to you, then it will not lose to them! Zheng Zha scratched his head. He said with a wry smile, "To tell you the truth, the degree to which I unlock the genetic lock is estimated to be a little high, but it is because some of them are beyond my control that I need some time to exercise manipulation. Otherwise, I do have some scruples about going on a luxury trip. Last time I went to the real world, I was really too abrupt.." Anyway, I may not be able to grasp the strength. Zhao Yingkong said lightly, "It doesn't matter. The key to unlocking the genetic lock is to feel it at the moment of life and death." If you're ready, I'll come over! Zheng Zha just had time to quack, Zhao Yingkong has a blank eyes rushed over, that is the appearance of unlocking the genetic lock, although she is petite and exquisite, the chest is tied into a man's flat chest, but when she rushed over,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, a pressure then hit Zheng Zha, the pressure is no less than a special-shaped, although she did not have the slightest weapon in her hand. The finger that looks weak is actually the best weapon.