Emperor tyrant

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The dragon looked at the figure of the leader of the Golden Snake Gang falling to the ground, and a murderous look rose slowly on his face. It was obvious that he was learning about the Golden Snake. The leader of the gang is one of his strong enemies, and he has the intention to kill her.

The dark army did not need to roar, they rolled up like a tide, attacking inside and outside, and instantly pushed the allied forces of the immortal world into a desperate situation. The dark army was much stronger than the allied forces of the immortal world. In the blink of an eye, the allied forces of the immortal world were killed by the dark army and retreated. Ah, ah, ah.. All of a sudden, the sound of screams, countless allied soldiers were killed, blood from the sky, like pouring rain, countless bodies fell from the sky, like countless meteor showers fell. The whole scene is very tragic, is also very cruel, but, for the coalition forces, there is no choice, knowing that death is certain, but every member of the coalition forces no one flinched, no one escaped, everyone roared, holding the first world war to the end, holding the heart of death to kill up, and the dark army to fight to the death! "Break camp and kill!" Seeing that the allied forces had fallen into the situation of being massacred, Taiyin roared with joy and ordered the natural moat legion. My Lord,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, what about the moat? A general could not help asking. The realm of immortals is gone. What's the use of leaving only the natural moat? We can't hold it either. Tai Yin Xi shouted. Tai Yin Xi's words let the soldiers of the natural moat legion tremble in their hearts, this is indeed the case, if the immortal world is destroyed, what is the use of leaving only the natural moat? What's more, if the dark army destroys the realm of immortals, they will surely destroy the natural moat. Kill and guard the realm of immortals! All the soldiers of the natural moat legion broke camp, and under the leadership of Tai Yinxi, all of them roared and killed the dark army to help the allied forces of the immortal world. Kill "for a while, the roar of the sound resounded throughout the day,Magnesium Oxide MgO, the support of the natural moat legion arrived, but also let the morale of the coalition forces in the world of immortals, once again organized the remnants of the army to kill the dark army in the past.". The first battle between the allied forces and the dark army was extremely cruel, but the first battle between the ancestors was not cruel. What is more terrible is that in the war between the ancestors, the immortal world has completely fallen into the downwind, and is in a situation of being suppressed and beaten. Except for the old tree demon and the dark messenger, the other ancestors of the immortal world are at a disadvantage. The battle between the old tree demon and the dark messenger was too powerful. Time lingered, endless chaos flooded, and thunder and lightning poured down. The monks in the world could not see clearly who won or lost between them. They could only occasionally see a figure jumping like a dragon walking and a phoenix flying. Bang, bang, bang, "blood spattered. Jiang Changcun was completely at a disadvantage when he fought against the three ancestors of Panlong. At this time, Jiang Changcun's whole body was stained with blood and his body was scarred. At this time, Jiang Changcun was still as domineering as a rainbow, like a sacred mountain standing firm. The overbearing breath and resolute momentum made people respect him.". Hearing the sound of "hissing", blood splashed, the dragon's claws tore, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, instantly left deep visible bone claw marks on Jiang Changcun's chest, in the sound of "clicking", Jiang Changcun's sternum was scratched to pieces. It's not too late to escape. The first ancestor of Shi Yun blasted down the God and went to Jiang Changcun to suppress him. There is no need to escape, only war ears! Jiang Changcun was so domineering that he gave him a hard blow, splashing blood, holding him in one hand, and bending his whole body. Help you. The first ancestor, who did not want to show his true face, gave a long roar and instantly shot out tens of millions of rules, which shot at Jiang Changcun's chest like a magic arrow. In an instant, the blood raced, but Jiang Changcun was still overbearing and roared. On the other side, the first ancestor of Qinglian fought and retreated. She fought alone against the three first ancestors of Flying Cicada and Babao. She could not fight against them at all. She was bleeding profusely. When she retreated to the horizon, the sacred mountain emerged, colorful, at this time, the sacred mountain sounded the song, infinite power blessed on her body. Muzu, even if the Five Elements Mountain is blessed, it can't save you. Countless weapons of the Eight Treasures ancestor poured down in an instant. Qinglian Muzu is a green awn blooming, gathering countless divine light, coughing blood while fighting, she tightly pursed the corners of her mouth, did not say a word, one move and one style to perform the mystery, to drag the three ancestors. You won't last long. You'll die. The flying cicada ancestor's ninety-nine divine wings are cut off, and the endless cold light brightens the world. Qinglian Muzu turned into Qinglian, a lotus holding up the sky. However, under the joint attack of the three ancestors, countless lotus leaves and petals fell, blood splashed, and Qinglian Muzu was seriously injured. The most tragic thing is that Guru Jinguang and Lan Shucai are holy. Even if they join hands, they are no match at all when facing the ancestor of Wen Zhu and the ancestor of Zuo An. Hearing the sound of "bang, bang, bang", after several heavy blows, Lan Shucai Sheng and Jinguang Guru were blown into a fog of blood by Wen Zhu Shizu and Zuo An Shizu. At this time, with the passage of time, Zen singing was heard in the realm of immortals, and countless creatures prayed for them. Under the power of belief of countless living beings, under the time flow of the times, the bodies of Lanshu Caisheng and Jinguang Guru, which were blasted into a fog of blood, were once again reshaped. This is the only advantage of Lan Shu Cai Sheng and Jin Guang Guru. They are the ancestors of this era. They can have the time flow of the times, and they can have the faith of the contemporary people. Without the time of the times, without the prayers and beliefs of countless creatures in the realm of immortals, I am afraid that under a few heavy blows, Lan Shucai Sheng and Jinguang Guru would have gone up in smoke. After "Kill" once again reshaped their bodies, Guru Jinguang and Lan Shucai once again killed the first ancestor on the left bank and the first ancestor of Wen Zhu with a long roar. Guru Jinguang and Lan Shucai knew they were defeated, so they had to kill them. They had to hold back the first ancestor on the left bank and the first ancestor Wen Zhu. Otherwise, the others would suffer. You are powerless to save the day. The first ancestor on the left bank shook his head when he saw Guru Jinguang and Lan Shucai coming up again. Lan Shucai Sheng and Jinguang Guru did not speak. They shot and killed the past, which was the most powerful move in their lives. All the strongest treasures poured out. How long can you delay? At the other end, Jun Xiyuan drank a lot. I saw three strange people while fighting and fleeing, he fled, while sprinkling countless gold coins,Magnesium Oxide MgO, gold coins to seize heaven, into the sky array of plunder, to block behind the pursuit of Jun Xi yuandao and another ancestor. stargrace-magnesite.com