Substitute Princess by Ah Cai

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Because two people face each other, so in such a fast rotation, Xiao Qi saw the condition of Qin Xiao, plus, Qin Xiao pulled her more and more heavy,rapid sand filters, heavy as if to drag her down in general, she understood that Qin Xiao inhaled too much yellow sand, so that breathing pro

Nan Nuoxi let go of his hand, which did not mean that Qin Xiao would let go. Qin Xiao's hand was on Xiao Qi's shoulder, but when he saw Xiao Qi's eyebrows slightly stretched, he understood that Qin Xiao had reduced his strength. Qin Xiao, Xiao Qi is a distinguished guest of Nanwangfu. You think about the price of getting into trouble with Nanwangfu. The king doesn't mind letting Qin Zhuang become history. The modest gentleman no longer exists. At the moment, there is only bloodthirsty cruelty. Qin Xiao touched his adverse Lin. Qin Mou only knows that Xiao Qi is Qin Mou's servant. Nanwangfu, well, fortunately, is not the four kings, so he is not afraid, what's more, behind him there is Beiwangfu, two kings face each other, Nanwang also can't get good, what's more, is not a woman? He didn't believe that the king of the south would do everything for this woman. This little seven didn't have the capital to be a beauty. Qin Xiao, don't be too arrogant. Dongfang Yuqing said angrily that the people they regarded as treasures were actually regarded as servants by him. Small seven looked at this struggle, powerless and no intention to do anything, this situation, not her this meat ticket can be solved. Three people deadlocked, small seven in the hands of Qin Xiao, Nan Nuoxi also ordered his subordinates to rob people, afraid that this Qin Xiao accidentally hurt small seven, and Qin Xiao seems to recognize this point, Xiao Qi caught in front of him, arrogantly looking at the angry two people. Just when everyone thought that the moment would last forever, the old scar, who was watched by the subordinates of Nanuo Creek, fell to the ground, pointed to the right direction of the crowd and shouted. Tornado, tornado, ah, tornado.. Look back, one by one all over the face of fear,lamella tube, tornado, unexpectedly in this desert encountered a tornado, today is afraid. Tornado, Xiao Qi looked at the nearly 100-meter-high whirlwind coming at a high speed in the direction of the crowd. Everywhere he went, the yellow sand filled the sky, and just felt that the hair of the tornado, which was far away, was coming to the eyes of the crowd in an instant. Nanuoxi's horses were very calm, one by one, waiting for Nanuoxi's orders without saying a word, while the old scar sitting on the ground shouted in fear, "No,rotary vacuum disc filters, no, I don't want to die.." The voice with despair, with fear, Nanuoxi calmly looked at the whirlwind getting closer and closer, living in the mountains and rivers of the Eastern Dynasty, he had never seen this thing, but look at the harm it caused and know how lethal it was, everyone was worried, but the old scar was there to cry out in great fear, this is not good for the morale of the troops, Nanuoxi calmly ordered "kill him." One side of the people immediately received orders, he is a guide, but at the moment his presence will only make people panic, can not stay. Don't die. Before he had finished speaking, the old scar was stabbed to death by the people of Nanuo Creek, and the bulging eyeball told the world what a terrible thing he had encountered before he died. Looking at the tornado getting closer and closer, Xiao Qi knew that these people did not seem to know what it was, or that those who did not know were fearless, although she had not really seen it, but she knew it was powerful. Tornado is not so dangerous, cover your mouth and nose, try to roll yourself into a ball, when it comes, put down all your strength, Wall Penstocks ,wall penstocks, follow its rotation, there will be a chance to live, remember to follow it. Hoarse voice, sonorous and forceful, cold tone with the strength of comfort, Nan Nuoxi looked at Xiao Qi, immediately ordered "do what Xiao Qi girl said." Immediately, everyone was ready, trying to curl up, waiting, waiting for the fact that the wind of death came, there was no fear in their eyes, there was only trust, they believed in the words of the Southern King, while Nanuo Creek believed in Xiao Qi. Oh, this childe must take you, that childe's mouth and nose, can have to give you this servant? Qin Xiao did not hold Xiao Qi, the hand on Xiao Qi's shoulder, but said with a smile, as if he did not care at all about the situation in front of him. 047 Qin Yi Updated April 19, 2010 15:41:17 Words: 2033 Small seven did not answer, just a cold look at Qin Xiao, no action, and according to the current situation, he did not go to block his mouth and nose, it does not matter, anyway, the wind can not escape, the dead face is bigger than the raw face, she is just a bet, but also the kind of negative odds of the bet. In such a moment, the tornado came to everyone's eyes, the fire and water were merciless, the wind was also merciless, they rolled up their bodies, calmly waiting for the arrival of the wind, but the hands with blue veins showed the nervousness of the crowd. Ah I do not know who shouted, the crowd only felt that they were thrown into the air, kept rotating, some people nervously tried to resist, but found that they did not have the ability to resist, the resistance was pulled by the wind, instantly lost in front of everyone. Wind roaring, yellow sand eyes, people can not hear, can not see, can only tightly protect themselves, at the same time desperately tell themselves, relax, relax, go with the wind. Nan Nuoxi and Dongfang Yuqing wanted to protect Xiao Qi, but Xiao Qi was in the hands of Qin Xiao. For a moment, they did not know where Xiao Yi had gone, so they had to protect themselves. Both of them were pale, but they listened to Xiao Qi's words and relaxed. They let the wind roll them higher and higher, and let the rotation make them dizzy. They believed that Xiao Qi's words could not die.. And by Qin Xiao with small seven and Qin Xiao should be the only two people who did not cover their mouths and noses, but fortunately small seven in the moment the wind came, quickly covered his veil, this white gauze but she specially spent a lot of money to buy, breathable sand, and bandage in place, even if the wind, can also resist for a while, at the same time her hands are free, in the roll up to see that moment. He covered his ears. But Qin Xiao was not so lucky, he did not believe Xiao Qi's words, so now he could only let the wind sweep him higher and higher, and more and more yellow sand in his mouth. Because two people face each other, so in such a fast rotation, Xiao Qi saw the condition of Qin Xiao, plus, Qin Xiao pulled her more and more heavy,rapid sand filters, heavy as if to drag her down in general, she understood that Qin Xiao inhaled too much yellow sand, so that breathing problems.