Biggest Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ceramic Tiles

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Here explained everything you need to know about ceramic tiles.

As the name suggests, ceramic tile is a kind of pottery, ranging from the use of unglazed tile texture of frosted tiles to beautiful glazed tiles (glaze can form a glassy coating when fired), some of which are marble, but also imitation of limestone and limestone tiles, and there are many design options. Here are imported materials and household porcelain tiles.



Benefits Of Ceramic Tiles

  • Luxury like a hotel or boutique
  • In every country, tiles are more often used for exterior walls than for exterior walls, but many interior wall tiles are also sold.
  • In boutiques and luxury hotels, tile as a floor may be more common than ordinary families.
  • Therefore, if you want a luxury and cool interior, tile is a wise choice.
  • Many tiles can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as floor and wall materials, to create a unified interior for the entire house.


Easy Maintenance For Ceramic Tiles

  • If the tiles are antifouled immediately after construction, they will not be waxed as regularly as the floor, so they are easier to maintain than conventional floor materials.
  • There are detergents for ceramic tiles, but they are almost unnecessary for indoor tiles that don't walk heavily.
  • However, dirt may deposit on the joint, so it is best to clean the joint regularly.

Difficult To Find A Suitable Contractor

As the construction of ceramic tiles will be plastering work, and the work related to the reform of ceramic tile replacement will require carpentry work, it is necessary to invite multiple contractors or find contractors who can replace ceramic tiles in order to select contractors. It will be difficult.


Cracking / Fragmentation

  • Ceramic tableware, vases and other tiles may break or break due to impact.
  •  Tile with simple design such as white can be repaired inconspicuously, but it is difficult to repair with high design, and it must be replaced and repaired at high cost.