Eight Steps To Build Mines In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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If you don't know how to build a mine in Animal Crossing, this is the guide for you.

The animal crossing will be refreshed every day, but the location of the ore is random. Mining every day needs to be searched everywhere. How to build a mine to refresh the ore to a fixed area? The same as simple as finding bunny day eggs in Animal Crossing, We brought the method of animal farm construction to Animal Crossing society, hoping to help you. Buy ACNH bells and ANCH items at the best online store - goldkk.com

Eight Steps To Build Mines In Animal Crossing 

  • First, let's talk about mine operation and common problems. There is no nine palace grid. Take a calculator instead. First of all, let's understand the formation condition of the ore: it can't grow in the edge. Let's say it's surrounded by buildings or cliffs or rivers. The rock will only grow in 258 ×, 369 × lattice.
  • Second, like trees, minerals cannot grow together. There will not be a second ore in the nine palaces of one ore. That is to say, there will be no more ore in 12346789 after 5.
  • Third, the output of ore can be knocked up to 8 times, and the shovels can cover 12346789. Then, for our convenience, we should set the distance between ore and ore to 2 grid. Ensure that each ore can drop 8 without picking up.
  • Fourth, after we understand the above three points, we start to look for the mine you want. It is suggested that it should not be too close to the edge, and it is better to be flat. Secondly, it should be like mine, otherwise it is easy to get stuck. As shown in the picture, the last stone can only grow here, but it can't grow to the pit I want.
  • Fifthly, after setting up our mine, we have started the most tedious step. We want to make sure that no stone can grow on the island except for the reserved mine site. I use cliff posts. Before, there was a big boss who chose to lay the floor, grass and flowers. This kind of rock can be welted, and the engineering is large. There are also people laying railings, which costs a lot of materials. The advantage of the pillar is that the stone can't stick to the side length, and it doesn't cost materials, so it's easy to recover later. The legislation of the pillar is the same as that of the stone, and only one pillar in 2 spaces is enough.
  • Sixth, there are only six stones on the island at most. After all the stones are knocked out, they grow two on the first day, and then one every day. When we refresh every day, we go to the mine to have a look at the stones. If the stones don't grow into the mine, you should look around to see if there are other places that haven't been paved, then knock them off and pave them, and continue to wait for the refresh. I didn't do a good job in this step. I went back and forth for 7-8 times. 
  • Seventh, after confirming the fifth and sixth steps, wait patiently for the refresh. In the end, you will get a mine. Unfortunately, you may get stuck in a bug like me. If there is still a bug after repeated confirmation, it can only be said that the system bug of that grid may not be a long stone and can only be moved. I'm moving one space to the right here. Then repeat steps five and six.
  • Eighth, finally, after the mine is repaired, lay the fence you like, and decorate the furniture and floor you like beside. A lot of bigwigs suggest putting a toilet beside them and knocking after pulling. Some people like to put the furniture tree at the door (myself), which is your own joy