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While it's an unanswered question why these features

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    While it's an unanswered question why these features won't be accessible on PC for Madden 21, these updates will fix the annoying problems like quarterbacks conducting quick checks before any game begins. Along with promised improvements to route running, release, more responsive control of QB scrambling and receivers moving upfield, and more intelligent tackling mechanics, the improvements for Madden NFL 22 on next-gen consoles are likely to be a major leap forward.

    Madden 22: Predicting This Year's Best Rookies

    This year's NFL Draft has come and ended, with most teams preparing for their mini-camps for rookies next week. This year's newcomers are trying to establish themselves with their teams. Gamers are looking forward to Madden NFL 22, which is scheduled to release in August. It will also reveal what the rookies' ratings will be.

    Even the most highly drafted rookies cannot depend on their NFL resumes for guidance. That means even those with high overall ratings could start Madden 22 with low ratings overall. Even though Madden ratings may change over the season based on each player's performance, it's possible to get a glimpse at who might start in Madden 22 with the highest rookie ratings by looking at college stats and workout results.

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