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There are two types of plants

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    There are two types of plants. One bush is the Ecliptic Herb. If you are picked and positioned, you'll be snatched. If you're picked, the posion will drain your prayers . It could be anywhere between 2-8. The white plant grows on other. It can heal posions and boost your prayer by two in the next 5 minutes. Then, speak to A sunburned Wanderer who walks on the beach.

    What's the issue? My skin is hurting... My skin is hurting... Return to the docks. There is East Solar Isle if you go towards the east. It is possible to search for houses until you come across an Old Druid. Speak with the Druid.

    What could I do to assist you today, my young adventurous souls? I was hoping that you would assist me in finding Niraye Juice. Yes, I am able. Bring me buckets and an Ecliptic Herb. If you don't, you go back to the Beach and pick the other bush.

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