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I know their are many bones in the wilderness

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    I know their are many bones in the wilderness however you cant accumulate just any old bones that the bones you have to collect have a colored haze around them based how hard they will be to release the harder they are supposed to OSRS Accounts discharge the more experience they hands down to you. Blue is the least expertise purple is a medium quantity red is a great deal and flames burning around these are the hardest. To free the souls you have to understand what is preventing them from leaving, bring them to the brother to have him do a reading on these.

    The bones//spirit will ask you to do a random undertaking to them, the activities can vary from slaying the monster that destroyed it, giving a NPC a message, coating them with a food they used to appreciate, dyeing together at the spot you found it (The ribs will draw you to the spot once your round the general area), since you can see they are arbitrary jobs and are not confined to what I have listed.

    The tougher bones may inquire jobs which are beyond you like slaying the Kalphite queen 3 times, in case you can do the job at your existing level in Runescape the brother will hold the bones/soul for you till you can. If you damage a creature which the bones do not ask that you harm it will disappear from your stock in a puff of smoke.

    I said this minigame retains something for everyone and it will! When you speak to the brother he will provide you an alternative on what experience you could receive when you complete the bones tasks. The brother does not allow you to choose how much experience you choose but he does allow you to choose what skills you might recieve expirence in.

    I'm not done with the thought wich is rather large... I am going to continue typing once I'm aloud back to the computer... You will post what you wish but remember I'm not done and this can grow. Ahh I forgot to mention the soul when released will give you a it of the gift it had been best at while living not to mention that after the soul disperses it is possible to rs 07 power leveling bury the bones which no longer grip the spirit wich could be a variate of forms depending on what it had been when it was alive...

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