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Data de início 28-06-21 - 15:53
Data final 31-07-21 - 15:53
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    Let me point a few things out: Mages are the weakest in the combat triangle. After god wars came out we got, what, one thing, mellee obtained the most powerful weapon in the game, range got a decent armour collection. We have to visit obscure places to use different spellbook places, you don't need to go deeply into the desert to wield a crossbow rather than darts do you? Magic can really be used for different things, but how is that relavent to how powerful in pvp it's.

    We have an pvp spellbook partner, its called anceints, even lunar has veng! Its incredibly difficult to pvp as a mage, your animation instantly tells the competitor exactly what your maximum hit is, where archers can pull out a crossbow or different bolts to take people by surprise, so folks never know a warriors strength so its hard to understand his maximum hit, its alot safer to battle a pure mage...

    This spellbook won't work by allowing mages reach 50s, it is going to operate by useing subtle methods, think as a warlock out of WoW. Why can not you just hybrid? Pure archers exist, Pure strengths exist, Tank archers exist (defence iis NOT a mellee stat), rune pures exist, however a pure mage is moot, its expensive and a waste of time considering the price of d-hide... Mages deserve to hold there head up large as a genuine battler...

    don't hesitate to ask your own questions. The spells. I shall go deeper on how to unlock these, I've got the thought, it jsut needs finetuning, it involves a dungeon miniature quest that requires a spouse, unlocking every spell 1 by 1.

    Increases your targets strength and strike by 10%. Increases your goals vary by 10% There defence is decreased by 40 percent AND the helm slot, body slot and slot slot lsoe all magical defence bonus, does not affect bonuses that are negative. The promotes and defence drop return to normal as soon as battle is engaged with another person, this is to prevent ridicullous exp. Sets a timer above your targets head, after 1 minute an amount of damage is caused which maxes at 10. This can be dispelled by the target eliminating everything worn out and then replacing it. This spell may be cast more than once on a goal but resets the timer.

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