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Rsgoldfast - She had been dead accurate with her attacks

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Start date 22-06-21 - 09:59
End date 31-07-21 - 09:59
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    In the start of the fifth era, there lived a family. A dad, and four kids. Two sisters, and two sisters. The mother, and dad's wife, had disappeared long ago. They were known as the Letum's. The earliest's brothers name was Viluppo. He is a master in the art of melee. He was the most skilled swordsmen in his village, his sister directly behind him. He had never been in a position to grasp magical, and was easily beat by his own brother.

    Her name was Lluvia de Flechas (nicknamed Flech). It was rumored that, while at the family's sanity, she was in a position to craft ranging armors which were invincible to certain magical attacks.

    She had been dead accurate with her attacks, but lacked the ability to hit her competitions hard. She trained to become an herbalist, also mastered the art of brewing poison.

    The youngest brother, although arguably the most gifted, was Digita Legante (DL for short). At a young age, he quickly rose through the ranks of magic and enchantment. He was able to craft the best battle staffs in all Gielinor. One of the final creations was a staff that could control the artwork of teleportation. The staff was stated to be created, although hardly any exist, and the layout is flawed.

    However, the greatest of all of them, was Father Signore. He had been a master of three combat styles, as it was he educated his children. He's yet to be defeated with no challenger. Signore was a master smith, crafter, and herbalist, and lots of the dark arts of magic. Some say Signore was a dark guy, a few say the anger he attracted among himself and his children was a error, not of his doing. Only Signore understands, but he is not able to inform.

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